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Brille Orgreen, Modell: Joaquin Farbe: 647
Brille Orgreen, Modell: Joaquin Farbe: 644
Brille Orgreen, Modell: Joaquin Farbe: 643
Brille Orgreen, Modell: Joaquin Farbe: 602
Brille Orgreen, Modell: Joaquin Farbe: 564

Orgreen Joaquin

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Orgreen Joaquin 2021 Brillen Sammlung

Joaquin Produktkarte

  • Größeninfo: [Grösse-Nasenbrücke-Brillenbügel]
  • Geschlecht: Unisex-Brille
  • Material: Titanium
  • Gestalten: Oval
  • Spezialität: Fashion
  • Notiz: As film fanatics, we’re always moved by actors who imbue each role with passion, emotion and intensity. Add an immense amount of authenticity and you have the inspiration behind our Joaquin frames. Here we’ve given a contemporary twist to this classic shape, featuring rounded-square lenses connected by a brilliant, thin bridge with a touch of colour. The effect is a modern yet timeless look in a unisex frame that’s slightly smaller to fit most faces. Try on any of our cool colour combinations and get ready to get into character.