Brille Orgreen, Modell: Baker Farbe: 4P

Orgreen Baker

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€637.50 EUR
€637.50 EUR
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€850.00 EUR

Orgreen Baker 2022 Brillen Sammlung

Baker Produktkarte

  • Größeninfo: [Grösse-Nasenbrücke-Brillenbügel]
  • Geschlecht: Damenbrillen
  • Material: Titanium
  • Gestalten: Cat's eye
  • Spezialität: Fashion
  • Notiz: Erotic, playful and provocative are just some of the words used to describe our source of inspiration. You'll find a similar appeal in our Baker frames - making it possible to seduce audiences with a blink of an eye. The elegant top line follows the eyebrow while the slim bottom underlines the eyes.
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